CISCO firewall ASA5520-AIP10-K9

CISCO firewall ASA5520-AIP10-K9

Product name:CISCO firewall ASA5520-AIP10-K9
Product name:ASA5520-AIP10-K9
Cisco ASA 5520 IPS Edition - security appliance - with Cisco Advanced Inspection and Prevention Security Services Module 10 (AIP-SSM-10)
Part Code: ASA5520-AIP10-K9
  • Manufacturer: Cisco
  • Device Type: Security appliance
  • Form Factor: Rack-mountable - 1U
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Flash Memory: 256 MB


The Cisco ASA 5520 Adaptive Security Appliance delivers security services with Active/Active high availability and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for medium-sized enterprise networks in a modular, high-performance appliance. With four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and support for up to 100 VLANs, businesses can easily deploy the Cisco ASA 5520 into multiple zones within their network. The Cisco ASA 5520 Adaptive Security Appliance scales with businesses as their network security requirements grow, delivering solid investment protection.

Businesses can extend their SSL and IPsec VPN capacity to support a larger number of mobile workers, remote sites, and business partners. Businesses can scale up to 750 SSL VPN peers on each Cisco ASA 5520 by installing an SSL VPN upgrade license; 750 IPsec VPN peers are supported on the base platform. VPN capacity and resiliency can be increased by taking advantage of the Cisco ASA 5520's integrated VPN clustering and load-balancing capabilities. The Cisco ASA 5520 supports up to 10 appliances in a cluster, offering a maximum of 7500 SSL VPN peers or 7500 IPsec VPN peers per cluster. For business continuity and event planning, the Cisco ASA 5520 can also benefit from the Cisco VPN FLEX licenses, which enable administrators to react to or plan for short-term bursts of concurrent SSL VPN remote-access users, for up to a 2-month period.

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The advanced application-layer security and content security defenses provided by the Cisco ASA 5520 can be extended by deploying the high-performance intrusion prevention and worm mitigation capabilities of the AIP SSM, or the comprehensive malware protection of the CSC SSM. Using the optional security context capabilities of the Cisco ASA 5520 Adaptive Security Appliance, businesses can deploy up to 20 virtual firewalls within an appliance to enable compartmentalized control of security policies on a departmental level. This virtualization strengthens security and reduces overall management and support costs while consolidating multiple security devices into a single appliance.

Product Features

  • Market-proven security capabilities
    The Cisco ASA 5500 Series integrates multiple full-featured, high-performance security services, including application-aware firewall, SSL and IPsec VPN, IPS, antivirus, antispam, antiphishing, and web filtering services. These technologies deliver strong network- and application-layer security, user-based access control, worm mitigation, malware protection, improved employee productivity, instant messaging and peer-to-peer control, and secure remote user and site connectivity.
  • Extensible integrated services architecture
    The Cisco ASA 5500 Series offers businesses strong, adaptive protection from the fast-evolving threat environment through its unique combination of hardware and software extensibility and its powerful Modular Policy Framework (MPF). The innovative extensible multiprocessor design and software architecture of the Cisco ASA 5500 Series enables businesses to easily install additional high-performance security services through security services modules (SSMs) and security services cards (SSCs). This provides businesses with outstanding investment protection, while enabling them to expand the security services profile of their Cisco ASA 5500 Series, as their security and performance needs grow. All these services are easily managed through the powerful Cisco Modular Policy Framework, which allows businesses to create highly customized security policies while making it simple to add new security and networking services into their existing policies.
  • Reduced deployment and operations costs
    The Cisco ASA 5500 Series enables standardization on a single platform to reduce the overall operational cost of security. A common environment for configuration simplifies management and reduces training costs for staff, while the common hardware platform of the series reduces sparing costs. Additional efficiencies are realized by deploying integrated capabilities, obviating the need for the complex designs required to connect standalone solutions.
  • Comprehensive management interfaces
    The graphical Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM), a comprehensive command line interface (CLI), verbose syslog, and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support round out a rich complement of management options. Multi-unit deployments benefit greatly from Cisco Security Manager, a platform capable of managing distributed deployments of 5 to 5000 devices. The award-winning Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (Cisco Security MARS) recognizes and correlates real network attacks and then rapidly defines how to stop them, thereby decreasing administrative overhead by reducing false positives and simplifying audit compliance.
Product Details
Device Type Security appliance
Form Factor Rack-mountable - 1U
Flash Memory 256 MB
Data Link Protocol Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
Performance VPN throughput (3DES/AES) : 225 Mbps
Firewall throughput + anti-x services : 225 Mbps
Capacity IPSec VPN peers : 750
Concurrent sessions : 280000
SSL VPN peers : 2
Connection / user qty : unlimited
Virtual interfaces (VLANs) : 150
Power AC 120/230 V ( 47/63 Hz )
Dimensions (WxDxH) 44.5 cm x 36.2 cm x 4.5 cm
Weight 9.1 kg
Bundled with Cisco Advanced Inspection and Prevention Security Services Module 10 (AIP-SSM-10)

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